Learning & Development 2018 TRENDS FORECAST

The era of

We are in the last stretch of 2017 and we are sure by now you have likely thought long and hard about what your learning programs are going to consist of for 2018, but have you included the key trends that will impact Learning and Development next year?

What’s going on in the market?

What makes eLearning such a power force are aspects
such as organisations being able to lower their budgets
(as opposed to the high cost of classroom training) as well
as the logistical and time flexibility eLearning affords
organisations. We are living in the age of the technology
revolution whereby we can roll out training to the
masses, anytime, anywhere using practically any device.
Considering our generation have a ‘’right now’’ mindset,
eLearning technology pleases their need for on demand
access to material. Furthermore, Instructional Designers
are becoming more attuned to the need for effective
and stimulating learning tools. eLearning tools are being
used more by both academic and non-academic sectors
(especially corporate).
The factors listed above are the driving force behind the
international eLearning growth spurt, and with the trends
we have listed, we can expect 2018 to drive more learners to become
inspired by their ability to discover whatever their hearts and minds desire.

The size of the eLearning market
was estimated to be over
$165 Billion in 2015
with expansion rates of 5%
between 2016 and 2023.

Do the math and you will see you are
working in an industry that will
be worth an excess
of $240 Billion by


”Learning and Development trends for 2018 – The era of Reality”


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