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What is the ultimate goal of a Trainer providing eLearning courses? We all know the usual answers – ” make my learner’s super smart, provide eLearning that any student any where in this big wide world can access, organize the tragic state of corporate training processes, ensure I keep up to date with the latest eLearning trends so my courses are super sleek ”.

Ah ha! The latter is where we are going to dig into. The latter sounds great doesn’t it? To make your eLearning courses interactive, engaging, hold learners attention and ensure learners can retain the information (you do know retention is just as important as present learning, right?).

Well that is where a lot of Trainers get a little stuck, and this is where we are going to help pull you out of that hole.

We want what you want – for your eLearning courses to be super awesome, educational, and MEMORABLE. It’s a challenge, one that comes with a host of problems and solutions, however a wise man once said ”Excellence then is not an act, but a habit” so we have dedicated this post to giving you just that… the top 5 habits that can transform your training practices, so you accomplish becoming excellent…


The 5 habits to adopt for excellence…

1. Begin with a detailed lesson plan – We always hear that we must prepare; however, we need something to prepare with. Musicians prepare with a pre written song. The song for a Trainer is a Lesson Plan and overview. It assists in giving your course direction, substance and standardization.

2. Coaching – Every rugby team  has a coach to guide the team directs them before, during and after the big game. In training, it’s important to have a seasoned Trainer who knows the finer details of the course, who can coach the Trainer on the new course. This allows the less seasoned Trainer to ask questions and to receive feedback.

3. Practice, Practice, Repeat– Take yourself back to high school and what you needed to do for the end of year exams (yes, those exams that determined whether the years worth of work you did would determine whether you got into the next grade or, erm, stayed behind). What did you have to do to pass? You became a living human parrot – practiced, repeat, practiced, repeat, over and over until it sunk in deep and stayed there.  Trainers need sufficient time to practice and prepare in order to achieve a seamless flow in the delivery of their courses.

4. Test the Course – A good example of this is what Digital Marketers do. They create contact forms and way before it ever gets published for the world to see, they need to test the functionality of the elements first. Whether it syncs with their web server, goes to the right people internally, and ensure the customer receives information after they have filled out a contact form. We know that in training it’s ideal if we can test our courses; however, we often either lack the time and resources to do this or worse, do not even realize the importance of testing the course first. There are two ways you can do this 1) test it from start to finish as if it were live with your team or  have a run-through with a small group. Doing this will allow  the trainer, instructional designer and any other team members identify what works well in the course and what doesn’t, and to revise as necessary.

5. You’re On! – Then comes the moment where the trainer is finally ready to present the course. Given the opportunity to prepare effectively, he/she can let go and trust that it’s time to “shine.” And if the trainer shines, the learners will shine—it’s a win-win event for everyone!

When creating a course, remember your course is almost like cooking. The result of the meal is not determined by your ”hoping, holding thumbs and sending good positives vibes out to the universe” that it will come out just like Jamie Oliver’s did on TV. If you use the right ingredients, at the right temperate, cook for the right amount of time, you will undoubtedly get the desired result. Don’t expect a beef stew when you used chicken. If it comes out a flop (literally) well, during one of the directions you missed the mark and that is where these pointers above come in.



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