How we grow and develop people at New Lea


We live in exciting times. Technology is changing the way business is done. Like Uber has changed the taxi industry forever and Air B&B has the potential to change the hotel experience, we use disruptive technology to make sure your business remains cutting edge when it comes to Learning and Development. We provide the tools and knowledge for your company to rapidly deploy low cost and cutting edge learning solutions, with the agility and flexibility you need to stay ahead of the game in this ever changing world.

Personalised Learning
Knowledge Retention
Content Development
Smart Phone Apps



  • Paul Hanly
    Paul HanlyCEO

    Paul has had many years of business experience across a wide range of industries. He has run his own business since 1993 and has sat on a number of boards both locally and internationally. His entrepreneurial spirit brings an exciting dimension to the business. Although he runs a tight ship, he is approachable and involved.

  • Tracy Johnson
    Tracy JohnsonHead : Recruitment Division - LA Intronet

    Tracy is a dynamic results driven person with a strong desire to succeed. She has many years experience with some of the biggest staffing companies, both locally and internationally.

    • Mike Hanly
      Mike HanlyProduction and Innovations Manager

      Mike has a degree in Cinematography and Sound Engineering and is responsible for our Production Department. Much of his time is spend investigating new things and exploring ideas. Current projects include Virtual Reality in E Learning.

      • Yolin Naidoo
        Yolin NaidooNew Business Director

        Yolin has been in the Learning Industry for many years. He has a solid understanding of the industry and quickly identifies client needs.


      Client Satisfaction

      Clients are delighted with our products and services. They have far better return on their training and human resource investment using our tools.

      Knowledge Transfer

      Learning times are being reduced and knowledge retained and translated to the workplace more easily.

      Seamless On Boarding

      Our technology is making changing the way companies attract and retain top quality staff, ensuring more seamless on boarding experiences with faster productivity.

      Higher Return on Investment

      We put you in charge by giving the necessary tools and training to manage all of our systems. Client management consuls, reports, course building and content development can all be done by you. That saves a fortune!

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