Corporate learning & Adaptive learning solutions in SA

What is adaptive learning ?

Being data-driven, Adaptive Learning technology continually uses student data to adapt learning pathways, constantly changing and improving over time to suit each individual student. Knowledge gaps are constantly identified and course content automatically adapts, using complicated algorithms. That means a huge time-saving as there is no need to sift through content that one already knows. Each course becomes completely unique to the individual student.

New Leaf Technologies P/L are sole distributors of one of the world’s leading Adaptive Learning platforms and software solutions, aNewSpring. This product was developed in the Netherlands and has over 600 000 users world wide.

Watch the video clip on the below to understand how online education and adaptive learning can improve your return on training investment.

Blended learning ?

aNewSpring is the complete adaptive learning software which lets trainers easily create and deliver courses to make learners blossom. The platform is specially designed for training providers although now also being used by a lot of corporate trainers. It combines an on-line author environment, LMS, LCMS, a learning community and web-shop functionality.

Development is very important for aNewSpring and together with user feedback, updates are done virtually daily. That means the developers can keep on innovating and the platform will always be “Cutting Edge”. Furthermore we offer our software as a service, so hosting, updates, support and even a learner help desk are all included. New Leaf Technologies P/L are the sole regional distributors of aNewSpring software and, through our appointed Solution Providers, we will help you develop and configure a system that suits your company needs entirely. Being cloud based, there is no expensive hardware required. A per user subscription means there are no capital costs at all, just a monthly fee that you have complete control over depending on how many users you have.

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