A number of companies in South Africa are now leaning towards adaptive learning solutions for their staff training and development needs. These cloud-based training systems cover everything from learning basic skills on software such as Microsoft Office Excel to advanced skills development – and they do so affordably.


1) Cost-effectiveness: With e-learning, participants can sit in the comfort of their homes or office desks to learn. This ensures there are no unnecessary costs for travel and accommodation, as is required in traditional classroom-based learning. All the data for the course is developed and available on the cloud server and companies do not have to spend huge amounts of money on external devices for data management or storage.

2) Software updates: Due to the nature of cloud technology, companies do not have to worry about software updates as these are taken care of automatically and without additional cost, maintenance or downtime.

3) Security: Often, companies permanently lose valuable information and data that is stored on servers when they crash, break down or are damaged. However, in this system of cloud-based adaptive learning, companies no longer have to worry about these risks.

4) Easier communication: Participants of cloud-based e-learning courses can easily communicate with one another, get feedback and even write exams online at their convenience.

So, take a cue from these innovative South African companies – streamline processes, cut costs and increase productivity by using these cloud-based adaptive learning solutions. Contact us at New Leaf Technologies for more information on smart e-learning solutions today!

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