The cost benefits of e-Learning

How major corporations proved e-Learning is a cost effective training method.

An extract from our guide '' What is classroom based training really costing your company?''



Bidvest Bank, one of South Africa’s leading second tier banks with a reputation for being a cutting edge financial services provider, needs to ensure that it is fully compliant with best banking practices and that staff have easy access to an essential range of training essentials. With over 1200 employees, this was proving to be an expensive exercise and a logistical nightmare.


The bank brief required a blended learning programme that was user friendly, cost effective and included a knowledge retention capability for ‘refresher training’. The banks pilot programme was a “Anti Money Laundering Refresher Course,” which the South African Reserve Bank stipulates is mandatory for all bank staff. The bank has branches all over South Africa and training the work force of + 1,200 staff members became costly. Furthermore, using classroom training the bank noticed their classroom based training proved ineffective post training, as staff could not retain information learned.

A delighted customer:

‘’The implementation process was seamless as we were guided by new leaf technologies throughout. To my surprise the big move from classroom to online training
happened much faster than i expected. From the contract, system setup and course content development, to going live, it only took three months. The team at new leaf technologies made the big move a breeze.’’

- Lisa Gallon, Bidvest Bank National Learning and Development Manager


After the successful implementation of this first course, the bank turned to New Leaf Technologies for help with redesigning the employee on-boarding programme. This proved revolutionary to the bank’s corporate culture.

Their on-boarding programme provided new staff with all the resources necessary to feel a part of their new work place. The guide consists of crucial company information, including a description of each department, a summary of policies and a welcoming video from the EXCO team, wrapped up in an easy to use Smart Phone App that connects to the aNewSpring Learning Platform.

As more and more courses were developed, the need for prior-learning-assessment and pre-training became apparent if the efficiency and effectiveness of a blended learning solution was to be maximised. Thus, before embarking on classroom training, staff needed to have completed certain online assessments and have achieved predetermined goals the aNewSpring eLearning platform was the perfect tool to easily facilitate this process.


The second major challenge was learning retention once classroom courses were complete. The aNewSpring Learner Platform integrates MemoTrainer, a learning retention tool unique to aNewSpring. This system embeds knowledge in a personalised way by using individual scores that reinforce course content over a period after a course has already been completed. MemoTrainer is completely customised so that it provides information about personal progress, detailed feedback and specific insight for each user.


Today the bank currently has an ever-increasing library of eLearning programmes, that align with Strategic Corporate Goal, industry requirements and career development. With aNewSpring’s eLearning platform making it easy to create effective learning programs, the bank plans to grow their content library and to expand it into all the company’s departments. Pioneering methods of training are being explored, including Adaptive Learning and gamification.



The hotel chain needed an efficient way to deliver training to hotel managers, Marriott created a virtual learning environment that cost-effectively provided training and resources to thousands of hotel managers spread across the globe.


The Marriott implemented a virtual learning training program that made it possible for global Marriott global branches to access critical training information. The virtual learning environment included real-time learning such as live webcasts, question-and-answer periods and post lesson recordings.

Virtual environment allowed for both synchronous and asynchronous learning.


The leadership program provided training that affected hundreds of hotels in many different countries. Marriott was able to train more than 5,000 managers in a short period of time, allowing them to train local employees. Training further was deployed for approximately another 10,000 managers via the virtual platform. Without a virtual learning program, Marriott management remarked they would have incurred much more expense and travel, both for participants and facilitators. The virtual learning program allowed them to train management much faster and effectively. Marriott was able to certify more than 5,000 managers in 18 months, with the benefit of an extreme cost reduction, by having the training materials accessible electronically as opposed to incurring cost and time associated to travel , accommodation and physical training centers. The Marriott reported an increase in employee productivity with employees showing more engagement as the virtual learning environment complimented their learning styles, time frames and on the go learning needs.

**Disclaimer: The Marriott hotel virtual learning training program listed above was not conducted using aNewSpring eLearning platform or New Leaf Technologies content development organisations. We have used the Marriott as an example of the cost savings of eLearning. Please CLICK HERE to visit their training information.


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