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Corporate Learning Solutions

Slash your corporate learning costs and dramatically improve return on training investment!

  • No external trainer fees for your employee training and development
  • No external trainer No venue costsfees
  • No out of office time costs

Improve Knowledge Retention with our Learning Management Systems 

  • Individuals learn at their own pace
  • Content is cleverly reinforced after course completion
  • Adaptive learning
  • Daily engagement
  • Implement knowledge into daily processes

Measure individual Progress
Real-time reports to management on progress, engagement and skill levels.
Software based adaptation of course content to suit individual learners abilities.

Allow your staff to learn anywhere any-time across any device
Easily develop your own content without using expensive consultants or use generic content.

Your own company’s look and feel is incorporated into your corporate learning system.

Revenue Earnings and productivity gains from corporate training solutions

Streamline operations by making sure all staff understand internal processes and procedures
You could even elect to sell your own courses externally as a revenue stream through our on-line content shop.We can provide you with a payment gateway and safe and secure log in options.

Pay As You Go

  • Investment is based on number of users
  • Subscription fees per user
  • Large discounts on prepaid subscription
  • No capital costs – You can easily load your own content
  • Implementation, course development and configuration fees can be built into the monthly subscription. Your choice.
  • We will teach you how to manage your own system to further reduce costs

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We guarantee to slash your current training costs and increase productivity.

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