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With the digital revolution enabling people to take learning into their own hands, training providers and in-house HR departments are under pressure to modernize their teaching approach, or risk becoming ineffective, out-of-touch, or even obsolete.

But while we are all trying to swim with the fast pace of the digital revolution and applying the best-of-the-moment L&D trends, when last did you stop to think and ask yourself:

Am I in touch with my modern day learners at all?

Who is the modern day learner today? And more, who will they be tomorrow?

Where do they prefer to look for learning material?

What material resources do they expect, but I did not think it was important to provide?

Oh, and what is a ”modern day” learner anyway?

To help you get in sync with modern day eLearners, we’ve pulled together facts and stats from various research organizations to create a clear insight into the profile of the modern day eLearner. In our easy to read free fact sheet, which you can download below , we give you valuable insight into:



about what you think eLearners value, need and expect from you eLearning content. We have outlined the most common likes and dislikes voted for by active modern day eLearners.




We uncover the 4 different personality types of the common eLearner and how their unique traits determine their learning style and their approach towards learning.





The eLearner is a curious being, being a multi searcher they will search when ever, where ever using multi resources. But there is a secret key as to how and what exactly they look for. Here we uncover those secrets.


The research we have gathered in our fact sheet includes findings such as:

  • The modern day learner is more self driven than ever. 89 % of learners actively study during their personal time.
  • 52% of people will learn at a point of need, which is why immediate content on various mobile platforms is vital.
  • 57% of learners want learning that guarantees qualifications and certifications.
  • eLearners dislike strange accents when listening to audio narratives and science shows learners subconsciously disengage more often.

In order for trainers, HR and L&D departments to effectively provide a constructive learning journey, one of the crucial steps to take is understanding who the modern day learner is. While this will be an on going learning journey on it’s own, our fact sheet covers the most crucial steps to apply.

Download your free copy of the ”Meet the Modern Day eLearner” fact sheet here

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