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According to the ILO – International Labour Organisation, South Africa will slide from the current 8th HIGHEST UNEMPLOYMENT Country in the world, to 6th HIGHEST by 2020. Unemployment is currently at 27% of which half are our youth. If we slide to 6th place in the world, unemployment could exceed 30% by 2020.

Gone are the days whereby a University Degree guarantees a job and career. Further skills are required to ensure a career path and one needs to look at the longevity of various industries to ensure that one taps into an industry that will stand the test of time. With many jobs being replaced by technological advancement it makes sense to get involved in a Career in Technology itself.

Sage is a leading global provider of business management solutions such as Sage X3.  Sage X3 is sold and supported globally by highly qualified consultants. There is a large demand, not only in SA but globally, for qualified consultants.

Our goal at New Leaf Academy is find high calibre candidates, train them and recruit them to the Sage Partner channel and Sage customers.

If you have a B.Com degree and would like a career in Business Management Software consulting and implementation then this opportunity is handcrafted for you.

[feature_block style=”icon” overall_style=”icon” columns=”1″ icon_style=”4″][feature title=”Train” icon=”410.png” upload_icon=”” bg_color=”#d4e5f3″ href=””]The Sage Consultant Training program entails an intensive 25 day online and class room based training program, lead by qualified Sage partners.

Download the full Sage X3 Training program: Sage X3 Training overview

[/feature] [feature title=”Qualify%20″ icon=”425.png” upload_icon=”” bg_color=”#d4e5f3″ href=””]Online exams will qualify you with a globally recognized Sage certification.

[/feature] [feature title=”Transform%20your%20world%20″ icon=”376.png” upload_icon=”” bg_color=”#d4e5f3″ href=””]We will also provide you with the opportunity to have on site experience. We have a recruitment department, dedicated to assisting you in your recruitment placement – nationally or internationally the choices are unlimited and all yours for the taking.

[/feature] [feature title=”That’s%20not%20all” icon=”Affiliate-Marketing.png” upload_icon=”” bg_color=”#d4e5f3″ href=””]What’s more, if we are able to find a position for you in the Sage Partner network or the Sage customer base we will refund you R16 000 of your initial R25 000 ex VAT.

[/feature] [feature title=”Hurry%20up%20-%20training%20start’s%20soon” icon=”Campaign-Timing.png” upload_icon=”” bg_color=”#d4e5f3″ href=””]Apply now by completing the below form.  The first training program will commence on 8 May 2017 so ensure that you are available.

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