“We believe there is only one true way to help people learn and that is with personalised and adaptive learning.”

Endorsed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

The Steps to Success

aNewSpring BV, are a Rotterdam based company with a passion for Learning.

They work continuously to provide one of the most technologically advanced Adaptive learning platforms. Recognised as being one of the best of it’s kind in the world, we are proud to be their partners in bringing the platform to the African continent.

Being cloud based, there is no expensive hardware required. A per user subscription means there are no capital costs at all, just a monthly fee that you have complete control over depending on how many users you have.

“Adaptive learning is data-driven and continually takes data from students and adapts their learning pathway to change and improve over time for each student. Knowledge gaps are constantly identified and course content automatically adapts, using complicated algorithms, to suit. That means a huge time saving as there is no need to sift through content that one already knows.”

The platform is specially made for training providers but is used by corporate trainers, educators, authors and facilitators. It combines an on-line author environment, LMS, LCMS, a learning community and web-shop functionality.

Development is very important for aNewSpring, together with our clients we make sure to keep innovating. Furthermore we offer our software as a service, so hosting, updates, support and even a learner help desk are included.

New Leaf Technologies are the sole regional representatives of aNewSpring software and we will help you develop and configure a system that suits your company needs entirely.

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