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sage-and-new-leaf-partnerCreate highly effective, personalized learning journeys with Sage X3 People and aNewSpring

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Now integrated for seamless HR Management


South African organizations are facing a need to resolve the critical issue of maximizing core staff skills by constantly upskilling and training staff, all the while adapting sensitive department processes and requirements to the fast changing, high tech world of applications and systems. Even though organizations make efforts to close the gap, more often than not those efforts are wasted and unsuccessful.

Since we understand the need for a streamlined HR management solution, New Leaf Technologies has partnered with Sage by integrating aNewSpring Learner Management System (LMS) into the existing features of Sage X3 People.

The integration between Sage X3 People and aNewSpring LMS means organizations now have the tools to redefine their HR processes at their finger tips.


  • Sage X3 People feature add on

    aNewSpring Learner Management System (LMS) will be an integrated product add-on to the existing features of Sage X3 People

  • Real time measuring

    The integration provides you with the tools to measure your ROI on training activities and make improvements in real time, faster and more effectively

  • Seemless integration

    Sage X3 People and aNewSpring provides two way integration which eliminates all admin intensive processes

  • Complete visibility

    Measure results and gain full visibility of the weak touch points within your organization training processes

  • Equip HR teams

    The integration is designed to accomodate the growing need for a customized and easily manageable Learner Management System

  • Personalize your training

    Create highly effective, personalized learning journeys with aNewSpring Learner Management System, Authoring Tool and  Knowledge Retention Tool


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