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Piece of mind finance to support your learning journey


Starting a new learning program is often complex on it’s own. When you throw in the business requirements needed to back up your business materials required, it can easily become a thick web of complexities. More often than not, we tend to forget the ”other” parts of starting a learning program. These ”other” parts are unfortunately the area’s where it can easily become costly, cause major disruptions, and ultimately rock the boat you took so long to build.

New Leaf Technologies understands obtaining the right software is among the most difficult ‘’other’’ parts to manage and keep track of. That is why we teamed up with one of South Africa’s most trusted financing giants, Spartan, to assist you in obtaining the finance you need to support your learning programs.


  • Kick start from the beginning

    Obtain the software that you need in order to create your Learning Courses, Content Development or Mobile app’s, without the onerous upfront costs

  • Keep your capital

    Easy finance availability for the LMS, Mobile Apps or Content Development resources you need, including the resources your bank or other funder’s avoid approving you for

  • Complete visibility

    With affordable and  predictable monthly installments, you have financial peace of mind – a rare luxury to any department or business owner. Financial security and clarity – sounds like a great start doesn’t it? That’s because it is

  • All-round finance options

    Whether you need off-the-shelf software or custom development software, our finance solutions will cover for these resources, so you can simply get up and hit the ground running

  • Down the line cover

    The finance options are flexible and based on your project time frames. Our finance options cater for both short or long term finance requirements – so go ahead and get started on those long term goals

  • What else do you need?

    The finance options includes the cover for the process of any other related business requirements like installation or training and other necessary outlay

  • Take ownership

    You can own the license at the end of the lease term.


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