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Training Force – a provider of Learnerships, Apprenticeships and Legal Compliance training have embarked on a new project to enrich and uplift the services and curriculum they currently provide students and corporate customers.

A learnership is a structured learning programme which includes theoretical and practical workplace experiential learning over a period of at least 12 months and which leads to an occupational related qualification registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). The benefit of a learnership programme is the mix between classroom and on site practical learning which ultimately ensures better outcomes.

Training Force selected the aNewSpring platform as they saw it as being a modern day, superior tool to assist and enhance the learning experience.  The peer to peer discussions that students can have through the built-in social engagement tools, as well as obtaining valuable input from the programme facilitator through the same social tools is a major benefit.  Being an Online platform it allows quick access to all learning materials, on any device, anywhere and at any time – another benefit that is critical for today’s student.

“Paul Hanly, Co Founder of New Leaf Technologies, the sole distributors of aNewSpring in Africa concludes;

“We see the aNewspring learning platform creating huge value for Training Force and their clients. They can accurately measure student progress to ensure they are on the right path and progressing through the programme as they should.  Any difficulties in the learning process are highlighted early so that necessary changes can be made. With access to comprehensive reporting, companies can have the peace of mind that their training budgets are being well spent and that their ROI is proven”

About aNewSpring

aNewSpring offers an e learning platform that appeals to the modern day leaner as it is built on technology that caters for mobile and social peer to peer interaction as well as the ability to create and deliver blended learning that can be adapted to each individual. Since 2003, aNewSpring has been committed to help over 400 companies and in excess of 1 million students with a learning platform that inspires innovation and help them to learn smarter and perform better

About New Leaf Technologies

New Leaf Technologies are providers of end to end on line learning services and are the exclusive distributors of aNewSpring Software in Africa.

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