What does Adaptive
learning REALLY mean?

As emerging technologies reshape corporate
training, one phrase “adaptive learning”
is among the biggest of the buzzwords.

We get asked often what “adaptive learning” is exactly.
Most L & D professionals know it has something to do
with e-learning, personalized education, microlearning,
gamification, and everything in between.

But what does it really mean?
How feasible is it to implement?
And how do you offer it to your learners?


Adaptive learning is a branch of the much wider area of personalised learning. What makes adaptive learning unique is that it’s focused on the use of technology to personalise learning.

''77 % of Learning & Development professionals think
personalised learning is vital to employee engagement''
- Growth Engineering

Imagine a futuristic utopia of learning, where people aren’t subjected to static, rigid training programmes. Instead, their training is able to adapt to their needs and interests until it’s just right for them.
Adaptive learning uses artificial intelligence to actively tailor content to each individual’s needs, drawing upon knowledge domains as diverse as machine learning, cognitive science, predictive analytics, and educational theory.

Don’t worry, we’re not going to drag you all the way back to a gritty reality, because we’re already living in the early stages of this utopia!
In our free to download eGuide we explain the true meaning of Adaptive Learning, how it works, and the benefits you and your learners
gain. Considering the digital era where anything and everything is available, don't you think it's time you reinvented the way you do training?


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