Forgive us for being the bearer of bad news, however we ALL must keep an extra eye open for the reality of Cyber Attacks because South Africa has the third highest number of cyber-crime victims worldwide, losing about 2.2 Billion rand a year in cyber-attacks.


When you consider 32% of the data breaches in 2018 involved phishing activity and 1 in 25 branded emails are virus filled phishing emails, it stands to reason why many organisations are taking steps to ensure each employee fully understands how to identify a cyber-attack or an online threat. 

“60% of businesses shut down within 6 months of a Cyber Attack. 

62% of Cyber Attacks target small & mid-sized businesses

How vulnerable is your organisation?

In order to protect your business, all staff must be vigilant in spotting and reporting potential phishing and ransomware attacks.

Since cyber-attacks lurk around even the most protected security systems, it’s non-negotiable to stay ahead of the ever-looming reality of a cyber-attack, It’s simply a question of when.

New Leaf Technologies has partnered with the best brains behind cyber security and compliance systems to bring you comprehensive Cyber Security eLearning courses, designed with rich know-how material, ensuring your staff are equipped to handle Cyber Attacks and other malware attacks.

Act against the increasing threat of targeted phishing attacks with our interactive eLearning Cyber Security courses.

Developing a culture of Cyber Security awareness has never been easier and more efficient.


Our eLearning course is designed to educate learners through the use of interactive simulations & role based scenario training.

Subjects include:

  • Protecting Mobile Data and Devices
  • Appropriate Use of Social Media 
  • Social Engineering – How It Works
  • Outwitting Spear Phishers
  • An Introduction to Insider Threats
  • Security Awareness for Managers 
  • Standards, Compliance & Regulations

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From management training and professional development to health and safety and compliance, we’ve got learning content that’s just right for you and your team.

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