The Never-Forget eLearning rules to design by.

Too often today you will find organizations hastily slap-together a bunch of PowerPoint slides, upload them into a program like Articulate, click “publish” and call it “eLearning”.

The reality is that this type of eLearning development is just flat-out ineffective. Any Instructional Designer will tell you that in order to create effective training, there are certain design principles and models that should be leveraged.

The art of Instructional Design is often a complex and highly psychological art to master, with so many layers to keep top of mind, it’s no wonder Instructional Designers forget the most critical aspects of eLearning course design.

With this in mind, New Leaf Technologies have developed this mini eGuide for eLearning professionals as a means to sharpen your Instructional Design know – how. Our guide contains the top 30 eLearning golden rules to design by, included in each principle are examples and best practice applications.

The purpose of this document is for Managers

or Designers to keep the guide on hand as a

resource which can be used to refresh their

minds on matters pertaining to eLearning

course design. 

The contents of such matters are also written

in bite sized style – short, sweet and easy to

remember the principle.


Print this guide out, pass it over to your L & D team and use this guide in a flash card style! It makes for a simple, accessible and easy-to-remember fun learning team exercise.  


You can expect some of the top best practice Instructional Design rules such as:

*How to design for mobile
*How to appeal to learners using their everyday senses
*Pre-publish course testing rules and guides
*Ways to develop interactive course content
*The importance of User Interface focused design
*Understanding learning styles

and much more!