The IMM Graduate School has been providing distance learning to students for the past 60 years. Evolving with the ever-changing needs of students, the school has fully embraced ‘Anywhere, anytime learning’ and says this basic necessity is no longer seen as a ‘nice to have’.

Anisa Fielding, Professional Programmes Manager, IMM Graduate School, says: “We met with New Leaf Technologies to discuss their content generation services and made the additional decision to invest in their e-learning platform, aNewspring. When comparing it with other solutions, we found aNewspring to be cost-effective, user-friendly and scalable. We have also implemented integration into our website and CRM systems, which has helped to streamline our student engagement process.”

Fielding says that the School’s journey with New Leaf Technologies has been exceptional. Receiving the highest level of support, knowledge and service delivery, aNewspring’s approach to content development is forward-thinking and adheres to international best practices: “We currently have 17 online short courses on the platform and the student feedback has been phenomenal. For each course, we assign an online head tutor who has strict KPIs to ensure each and every student query is dealt with within a 24-hour time frame.”

Charmaine du Plessis, CMO, IMM Graduate School adds: “The IMM Graduate School wants to better align with strategic partners to enable us to extend our online course offerings beyond the marketing and supply chain realm. We have thus entered into a partnership with ISO training experts, WWise, and are also offering their Quality Management training programmes on our e-learning platform.” She says that the School is looking to enter into more partnerships with companies like WWise, to be able to provide a more comprehensive selection of online training available.

Paul Hanly, Co-Founder of New Leaf Technologies, the distributor of aNewSpring, says: “We are delighted with the outcomes achieved at the IMM Graduate School. We look forward to developing more content to add to their already impressive online course offerings.”

About aNewSpring

aNewSpring offers an e-learning platform that appeals to the modern day learner as it is built on technology that caters for mobile and social peer to peer interaction as well as the ability to create and deliver blended learning that can be adapted to each individual. Since 2003, aNewSpring has been committed to helping over 400 companies and more than 1 million students with a learning platform that inspires innovation and help them to learn smarter and perform better

About New Leaf Technologies

New Leaf Technologies provides end to end online learning services and is the exclusive distributor of aNewSpring Software in Africa.