With 47 clubs across the country, Planet Fitness found it a costly and inconvenient exercise to facilitate classroom-style training for their staff. They decided to look at e-learning platforms and began their research. ‘’It soon became obvious that aNewspring was the right choice. We found it superior in features and functionality, and it was more reasonably priced;’’ says Ryno Strydom – Human Resource Manager at Planet Fitness.

“For a dynamic and forward-thinking company like Planet Fitness, it made sense for them to move away from traditional classroom training and to introduce e-learning to their business model. aNewSpring is an online, mobile platform and has built-in social tools that allow the learner to chat with their group from within the course content. These types of features are particularity appealing to their predominantly young Employees’’, says New Leaf Technology’s CEO, Paul Hanly.

‘’Another feature of great use to Planet fitness is the Memory trainer. This is a knowledge retention tool designed to improve long term knowledge in a leaner during, and well after the course has finished’’ adds Paul.

‘’The first launch, aimed at our sales division, has made a world of difference to their educational journey,’’ continued Ryno. ‘’Our staff turnover has decreased, and our staffs’ performance has increased by over 50%. We have found the system easy to use, and it has met all our needs’’, concludes Ryno.