New Leaf Technologies hosted their 2nd e-Learning Indaba event for 2019 at the Bryanston Country club on the 5th June 2019.  Over 170 HR and training professionals attended the morning event to listen to speakers talk about learning, where its heading and how we can all contribute to the development of learning in SA.

New Leaf Technologies along with content partner, Vado from USA, wanted to ‘pay it forward’ and decided to run a competition on the day. Mike Hanly, MD – New Leaf Technologies, explained how each delegate was asked to complete a short online course. Delegates that passed went into a draw, and Boitumelo Moseki’s name came up in the random number draw.  Mike confirms, “The value of the prize is over R830 per employee, so when Servest, with over 3000 employees was drawn as the winner, you can imagine Boitumelo’s the excitement.”

Boitumelo Moseki, training Manger for Servest, says, “I was thrilled to win this awesome prize for my company and my fellow employees.  Online learning is the way of the future, and with technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual reality, and IOT, learning is becoming an exciting journey for students.”  “The traditional classroom-style of teaching is no longer stimulating, practical or cost-effective, especially when you have multiple locations to consider. I am confident that we will see a lot of value from the Vado course content” 

Boitumelo further explained “Servest are implementing an e-learning solution, so this prize couldn’t have come at a better time.  It will allow us to introduce our employees to e-learning using the Vado material”.

Boitumelo went through the Vado catalogue consisting of over 300-courses and has selected the Leadership Essential bundle.  “The reason for my decision is that Servest has recently gone through role restructuring and a fair number of employees have been promoted to higher positions.  The Leadership Essentials bundle, I believe, will help them to perform better in their new roles”, explained Boitumelo

The bundle covers topics such as, but is not limited to:

  • Becoming a Reliable Leader with Integrity
  • Balancing Your Leadership and Employee Roles
  • Connecting Goals to Vision 
  • Connecting Team Work to the Strategy 
  • Align Resources to Strategic Priorities 
  • Innovation Norms and Expectations
  • Are Your Actions Consistent with Your Values? 
  • Analysing the Pros and Cons of Key Decisions


“I found the e-learning Indaba very interesting and informative.  I came away from the event, realising how much the learning landscape has changed.  We have a lot to learn on this topic in SA, but I’m confident with our industry leaders and committed organizations like New Leaf Technologies we will get there.”

Boitumelo concluded:  

About Servest

Servest is an integrated facilities solutions company, that co-ordinate all your facilities-related services, including operational and infrastructure support.  Covering areas of business such as cleaning, hygiene, landscaping, facilities, catering, and securities, to name a few their aim is to ensure the integration of people systems, places, processes, and technology.

About New Leaf Technologies 

New Leaf Technologies are providers of end to end online learning services and are the exclusive distributors of aNewSpring Learning Software and Vado Inc, online courses in Africa.

About Vado Inc

Vado is an off the shelf e-learning provider with customisable courseware in employee business skills, management/leadership development, and compliance.