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e-learning mining

Mining Industry

Cost and time are big factors when training workforces and addressing compliance needs in the mining industry. eLearning allows mining companies to streamline their training programmes, keep track of all types of training, and measure skills gaps.

New Leaf Technologies works with some of the biggest mines in South Africa. Owner-managed by Paul and Mike Hanly, we provide best-of-breed learning software and services to companies throughout Africa and the Middle East. Our cost-effective fixed and/or mobile elearning platforms give clients’ employees flexibility and mobility in their training.

New Leaf Technologies offer tailor-made shareable course content, as well as a turnkey design and production service. Our flagship Learning software,  aNewSpring, provides a comprehensive employee-training experience that can be accessed anywhere on any device with internet connectivity. Other solutions include on-premise learning software and “ready to go courseware”.

eLearning is far more cost-effective than ‘classroom’ training, and far more measurable, too. Total costs depend on the clients’ needs.

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