Time is Money

The clock is ticking as the skills gap in the manufacturing sector widens, while costs rise and client demand tanks. Removing staff from the floor in order to train them means time = money, so it’s necessary that a quicker and more cost-effective method is needed to continually upskill manufacturing employees.
eLearning allows workers to access engaging training content on their phone or laptop in their own time or whenever the production line allows. In addition, the digital nature of eLearning has encouraged soft-skills development, enabling many manufacturing employees to develop critical thinking, initiative and independence abilities.
Manufacturing Industry eLearning

eLearning cuts out the need for expensive classroom-style training facilitators, saving on hourly rates and travel expenses. It ensures that course content is universal and of a high quality, regardless of how many operational sites are scattered around the country or across the globe. And it’s traceable, which means the employer can track gaps in employee learning or capitalise on successes, not to mention the greater capacity for knowledge retention.

Owner-managed by Paul and Mike Hanly, New Leaf Technologies provides best-of-breed learning solutions to companies throughout Africa and the Middle East, working with some of the biggest manufacturers in South Africa. Its cost-effective fixed and/or mobile eLearning platforms give clients’ employees flexibility and mobility in their training.

New Leaf Technologies offers tailor-made, shareable course content, as well as a turnkey design and production service. Its flagship eLearning software, aNewSpring, provides a comprehensive employee-training experience that can be accessed anywhere on any device with internet connectivity. Other solutions include on-premises learning software and ‘ready-to-go’ courseware.

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