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We understand the need for a streamlined HR management solution, so New Leaf Technologies has partnered with the top HRM providers to offer seamless online training without manual processing. Management can happen inside the HRM, eliminating tedious manual processes and centralising reports.

New Leaf Technologies has partnered with Sage by integrating aNewSpring Learner Management System (LMS) into the existing features of Sage X3 People and Sage 300 People.

Real-Time measuring

The integration provides you with the tools to measure your ROI on training activities and make improvements in real time, faster and more effectively.

Seamless integration

Sage X3 People and aNewSpring provides two-way integration which eliminates all admin intensive processes.

Complete visibility

Measure results and gain full visibility of the weak touch points within your organization training processes.

Equip your HR teams

With the integration of the Human Capital Management system, HR can assign specialised courses to people based on their roles in the company.

Personalise your training

By combining reporting functionalities of aNewSpring with the HCM system, aspects which need adapting according to the individual learner can be conveyed through analytics.


S-Cubed, or Strategic Support Solution, is a human capital management solution for South African companies. This solution is compiled of integrated functionalities, each of which focus on a specific aspect of human capital management, providing clients with unified control over transactional, operational and strategic human capital empowerment. This enables seamless workflow between person, process and systems, driving profit and facilitating an ideal organisational reality and meeting individual clientele needs.


This South African based payroll software and service offers streamlined payroll management solutions that increases data accuracy and processing efficiency. Payspace provides customers with a cloud-based payroll and human capital management system with built-in, up-to-date, country-specific legislation and compliance. Using a single platform simplifies usability and reporting through Payspace, ensuring local tax compliance and accuracy for any payroll.


Educos started as a training management system, but the software quickly progressed into an integrated human capital management and payroll system. The company offers a full payroll managing service with the option to include an HR solution, providing customers with a software platform where both employee data and HR processes can be managed.

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