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ANewspring Learning Platform

aNewSpring is an exceptionally efficient and advanced adaptive learning platform. It can significantly reduce learning time and offers a unique and personalised learning experience to each learner. It can be deployed as a standalone product, or integrated to an existing LMS, unleashing a truly inspirational learning journey.

Being cloud-based, there is no expensive hardware required. Watch the video below to learn more about why Adaptive Learning is becoming one of the top trends in the industry.


Vado is an Award winning eLearning content provider with a focus on microlearning. This company offers courseware that helps learners to apply what they’ve learnt to the office environment, all with the use of short videos, step by step instructions and exercises. Designed specifically with mobile usability in mind, Vado users are able to engage with course materials whenever and wherever they want.




eFront offers an enterprise-grade LMS with extensive customisation features and deployment options. It comes complete with all the efficient features you’d expect from a high-end LMS, and also some you wouldn’t. eFront will improve the way you deliver training with the use of course management, learner and administrative features, eCommerce and access to source code.




Looop learning platform offers effective employee training anywhere, anytime. Looop’s online LMS is simple to use and is recognised as offering the world’s best eLearning User Experiences. It is powerful, and also simple to deploy; an ideal learning platform for any special projects. Data analytics offer deep insight to help measure impact, receive feedback from learners and ensure efficiency. 



Training Orchestra

Training Orchestra offers an easy-to-use Training Management platform that utilises the industry’s best practises. Designed by training professionals for training professionals, Training Orchestra’s software is configured to match the specified needs of your company. With budget optimisation, resource planning, reporting, team session scheduling and more. 


It might be off-the-shelf but it will feel like it’s been made just for you!

Our range of tailor-made industry specific courses are effective in inspiring a positive organizational culture and empower your staff and students alike to develop critical skill sets. Our ready-made courses offer a fresh approach for managers and business leaders to deliver high – end quality training material in a faster, cost effective and ever – accessible manner.

From management training and professional development to health and safety and compliance, we’ve got learning content that’s just right for you and your team. Taking the best principles of engagement to deliver practical, interactive and memorable content, this is learning that sticks.

To view our course catalog collections, simply click on your desired course subject below and download the full course catalog for free.

All our eLearning suites have been developed with industry experts or by our key content partners to ensure you are getting the best available courses for your business area.

Computer Skills Courses 

This course is designed to teach students the in’s and out’s of critical work – place required computer skills.

Course Outline:

Key subject matters of this course include:

  • Computer Basics – From beginner to expert level
  • Microsoft – Including Internet Explorer, Outlook, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Adobe – Including Photoshop beginner to expert level and all Acrobat featured software
  • Computer Software – Including Corel WordPerfect, Google G Suite, Intuit Quickbooks beinnger to expert and Online tools for small business

Career Development Courses

The ”Career Development” courses are aimed to equip students with  career advancement soft skills.

Course Outline:

Key subject matters of this course include:

  • Coaching career development 
  • Conflict Management Skills  
  • Communication Skills for Managers
  • Developing a team – work focused culture

Cyber Security Courses

Since cyber attacks account for 60% of complete business closure within 6 months of a cyber attack impacting local businesses, it is imperative staff members are well educated on cyber attack threats. Our comprehensive Cyber security course will empower your organisation on how to best bullet proof your organisation against the dark world of phishing, email and cloud security. 

Course Outline:

Key subject matters of this course include:

  • Security Awareness
  • Phishing attack management
  • Email and Cloud security fundamentals
  • Social Engineering
  • Randsomware and Malware management

Health and Safety Courses

The Health and Safety industry is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide but also one of the most delicate business area’s which require in-depth understanding and expertise. From food safety, environmental matters to work place safety management, our Health and Safety courses equip students to handle the unique challenges associated to this field.

Course Outline:

Key subject matters of this course include:

  • Food Safety – Subjects include Food poisoning, Complaints and Law, HACCP, Bacteria, Waste and Pest management
  • Hazard Awareness – PPE, Accident Reporting and First Aid 
  • Health and Safety in the workplace – Risk Assessment, Law and Policy 
  • Fire Safety – Classes of fire, Law and Fire Triangle know – how


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